Order Step

Due to a lot of customer still don't know how to use and order the item, then hereby is the step to complete the transaction :

1 . Click sign in or create an account to register your identity 



2. For sign in method you will be found the page following below and fill your email and password, for those who doing the create an account will be another page to complete the registration.



3 After the registration and sign in part is done, then go the option to order.



4. After come into particlar item you must do fill the booking date and quantity of item then press the button add cart, you can continue add another item again in the moment of this condition, add 2 or 3 item what ever you want. 



5. After added all the item using the add cart, you go through the check out option to finalize your transaction.



6. After the check out button is done, the page confirmation of the billing address and the shipping address will come out for your last confirmation.




7. After pressed the button of the 'ship to this address', it will get your into the next pages and just follow the screen button continue. 



8. After that will bring to the next screen, there have 3 part you can fill, payment method, redeem gift coupon and order instruction/ comment. after finished it you can go through button proceed payment. 


9. After the proceed payment is done, the next pages will inform you the detail what you need to do for banking or cash of delivery method regulation, below is the option 'bank deposit' sample. 

[Image: order_10_zpsmxhsp0ur.jpg]


For customer overseas, sometimes it's hard to do transaction using bank transfer, so we accept Western Union or PayPal. In order to transfer through Wester Union or PayPal, you need to contact me directly by sending email to whitemagicks@ymail.com and then we will follow up your orders and give you the complete personal address for Western Union or PayPal E-mail if you are using Paypal to do the transaction, thank you.